The New ‘Normal’

4 Tips on Adapting to Change.

By Trisha Cashman

Is change stressing you out?

At some point an event will happen that will bring about change. How you adapt will depend greatly on who you are and what circumstances you find yourself. Some people struggle for control while others throw their hands in the air. For some change is effortless and for others, the catalyst for anxiety.

So what can you do to adapt comfortably?

1.’Breathe, remain calm’

Woe is the man who says this to me at the height of anger or anxiety!  However, the rational side of me knows this to be true. The rate at which you breathe is an indication of stress levels. Shallow or rapid breathing is an indicator of high stress.

The good news is breathing is something you can consciously control and breathing techniques to calm can be learned. Deep breathing will help keep your head clear for what is to come.

2. Increase self-awareness

Are you reacting aligned with your goals or are you being driven by negativity of the past? Mindfulness is a common technique used in western psychology, it is;

Consciously bringing awareness to your here-and-now experience, with openness, interest and receptiveness.

-The Happiness Trap 

When you know the ‘why’ of your reactions you are better prepared for change.

3.Get informed and act

Whether you initiate the change or it is thrown at you ask questions, research and explore the possible impacts . Be proactive and change may become a smoother process.

4. Dispense unrealistic expectations 

Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.


Unrealistic expectations come with comparison. The outcome of one change cannot be compared with another, the variables are too great. People are different, reactions and circumstances vary. Accept your circumstances as your own .

Change can be scary or it can be exciting. Whatever the change that confronts you remaining calm, knowing  yourself, being informed and realistic will help you cope with accepting your new ‘normal’.

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4 thoughts on “The New ‘Normal’

  1. arlenes says:

    Thank you. Some great tips here. I am expecting my second baby in a few weeks. I have had some time to adapt to the change but I will definitely re-read this after the birth, he, he. I may forget the ‘breathe, remain calm’ part. 😉


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