Ravenclaw? Me?

OK so this is a little off the beaten track. Truth be told I need to flex my typing fingers.

Today I found my playful side again.

I went with my girlfriends to the Flying Nun Café at Samford.  Boy did we need it! Delectable, delicious and tranquil, the perfect place to unwind.

We’ve all been feeling the pressure lately, you know the Supermum Syndrome. Did we solve our problems? No its just a good vent usually helps, but today, even though I felt supported, I still felt, Bleh.

After we shared our burdens we went to The Store of Requirement. Now to be honest I have watched the Harry Potter series and admired it but when I went into this store I realised how much of a cult following Harry Potter had. Well done Ms Rowling! The really surprising thing for  me was I found myself caught in the craze.

I watched and giggled as people came in, sat on the stool and put on The Sorting Hat. ‘Gryffindor!’,’Hufflepuff!’ it cried, sorting the customers one by one. Yes I do know that the woman behind the counter had something to do with it.  I felt a shift. My Bleh feeling was swallowed by this magic filled wonderland and in its place my inner child came to life. ‘Go on do it, have a go!’ It screamed, my friends may have also been saying the same thing, and for the first time in a long time I listened. Boy, was it fun!

I nervously sat on the stool, tentatively put on the hat and… nothing happened. My friends looked at each other. I heard a customer whisper and someone else laughed.

I smiled took off and put it on again and still nothing. ‘I broke it’ I said. My friends laughed nervously.

Again I tried. Still nothing. I decided to run with it and wailed ‘oh no I’m a Muggle!’ The store erupted into laughter. The lady behind the counter said ‘try again’. I did. This time the hat announced that I was Ravenclaw.

‘Ravenclaw? me?’ I exclaimed. ‘I don’t want to be in Ravenclaw. Nobody cool is in Ravenclaw’

Everyone laughed and it felt good. From the simple act of letting go I feel like I can take on anything again.

Now I mean no offence to the fans of Luna Lovegood. She is cool, very cool indeed. What I am trying to point out is that though venting helps let off steam sometimes we need more. Sometimes we need to reconnect  with our inner child to reinvigorate ourselves. I don’t know about you but I get so caught up in just existing that I forget that I was once a child with a very playful and vivid imagination. She’s still there and she helps me love life.

If you are finding that you’re a bit flat, please remember though you may feel lonely you are not alone.  You are who you are now but you have been many different ‘yous’ before and you will be many more in the future. Don’t forget the playful you ,let her out now and then 😉

If you are feeling overwhelmed or down here are some helpful links below:

Beyond Blue



Sorting Hat image https://www.halloweencostumes.com/sorting-hat.html






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